We are the Finnish interpreters in Germany.

For example, we are the only Finnish members in the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD), which only accepts interpreters who have a relevant, high qualification and extensive professional experience. If you want to get it right in Finnish, you can rely on us!

We are qualified, professional and experienced and work in a wide range of fields, from economics to politics to culture. Careful terminological and subject-specific preparation of every interpreting job is an integral part of our work.

Major international companies hire us on a regular basis to assist in multilingual communication.

As a result, we are just as at home with European Works Council (EWC) meetings, factory tours and company visits as we are with sales conferences or marketing and motivational courses.

We interpret regularly for the European Parliament, the European Commission and other political institutions.

We have also taken part in state visits and been the voices of presidents, ministers and other politicians at international conferences.

When Finland was Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2014, we were at the front line, securing smooth communication between German and Finnish. We have also interpreted at various press conferences on sports, literature and culture and even been on the radio and TV.